Update #1 Finally a website….

Now that we finally have a website, with a kick ass band search feature, I am going to try and keep yall updated on everything we have going on. Of course I will still be all over facebook like a jack rabbit but I am hoping to make this site as informative as possible. So let it begin!!!

February 10th 2017 marked our 1 year anniversary! Hurray! We managed 23 episodes with about 3850 total listens and that blows me away. I wasn’t sure if our total listens would ever pass 500 let alone 3500. Elizabeth has done an amazing job over the last year working to give us the best sounding show we can and I think right now the sound quality is absolutely superb. Thanks babe you have done an amazing job and Im looking forward to putting as many episodes out as we can this year. Thank you to everyone involved with the show and thank you for tuning in.

Our very next interview will be with the talented trio Fiddle Witch and the Demons of Doom who conjure up some of the most amazing battle metal I have ever heard. Following them will be the young up and comers Crimson Void who make this interesting style of prog/doom/black metal. Make sure to follow these guys because they are going to be making some great metal. We had a great interview with Houston stoner rock giants Mr. Plow but there was an issue with the save and the episode is unsalvageable. But we shall record again!!!!!!

March 24th we are head up to Ft Worth with our friends The Dirty Seeds to their show with silvertonguedevil. I do not have any of the show information at the moment but as soon as I have it I will make sure to post it. We have been in contact with Dei Aemeth Kaliya Chemicaust Cropdust to schedule interviews for this trip. This is our first time in the Ft Worth/Dallas area and I hope we are able to bring you interviews from everyone.

We also have our first shirts coming very soon! We had some Texas Metal Radio Southern Brutality shirts printed up and we are just waiting on them to arrive. We will have these up in our store as soon as we can!


Keep on kicking ass brothers and sisters!!