TMS#26 End Hip End It Music Fest Year 2 Part I

TMS 26 features our first set of interviews from End Hip End It Music Fest year 2 featuring Greenbeard and Pyreship. Part 2 will be released at the same time so make sure you check out them both!

Bands are listed has they appear on the show



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Intro song “Struggle” by Ullatec

Mid Song “Sativa Wizardia” By Greenbeard

Exit song “Call To Peity” by Project Armageddon

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Texas Metal Radio #16 Southern Haze IV (Doom/Stoner/Psych)

TMR #16 Southern Haze brings you some of the best doom/stoner/psych from across Texas. Featuring brand new music from Greenbeard, Destroyer of Light, Venomous Maximus and Blues Funeral.

End Hip End It Year 2

A Day in the Valley of Death 6 VI 6 Weekend*

Heavy Mash 2017

Brash Brewing

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Bands are listed as they appear on the show


Destroyer of Light


Crypt Trip

Mountain of Smoke

Venomous Maximus

Blues Funeral

Orthodox Fuzz

Solitude Aeturnus


Funeral Horse

Wo Fat

Intro song “Electric Shadows” by Destroyer of Light

Exit song “Call To Peity” by Project Armageddon

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